Un-Selfishness - Author Unknown

They tell a story about st Peter. He was taking a visitor to the next world on a tour. 

First they came to hell. It was like a big dining room with long tables all loaded with food. And still, everyone seemed skinny and half starved.

They had a special way of eating here in hell: each one had a spoon with a handle which was two meters long. 

Now when the guest visited heaven he noticed that they had the same system of eating in their dining room. But here everyone seemed well fed. Noticing this, the visitor asked st Peter for the reason. "Well," he explained, "did you notice that in hell everyone tried to feed himself with that long spoon?

Well, no one can reach his mouth, and so they are all starving. But in heaven everyone feeds everyone else with those long spoons. And so, everything goes just fine.

This is a good example of Christianity in practice. We think of the other person first and of ourselves, last.