Education - Author Unknown

An Arab sheikh was getting along in years and he felt that it was time to name one of his sons his successor. He had three sons, who were triplets. He loved them all equally and did not know which of them to choose as a successor.

 So he sent them off to a distant land and promised that the one who would come back with the most useful learning would get the birthright. The three went off to distant lands; attended universities and visited exotic places. 

The first brother invented magic glasses with which he could see any place he wished to see on earth. 

 The second perfected a magic carpet on which he sat and zoomed to any part of the earth in five minutes. 

The third son invented a medicine that could cure any sickness.

After some years the three came together for a birthday party and explained what they had found. The first son looked through his magic glasses and saw his father dying. 

The second invited the other two to hop onto his magic carpet and within five minutes they were at their father's side. There the third son took out his magic medicine and cured his father at once. 

Now the sheik was more confused than ever, since it took the work of all three of them to save his life....

That is the story of Christian education. It needs three places of schooling: the home, the church and the classroom. If one of them is lacking, the other two won't work.