A Boy and His Dog - Christopher W. Maund

This story's not fancy, but it is true, It ended quite rosy, it could have been blue. The day was a cool one, sunny and clear, When a boy and his dog went looking for deer. Up in the woods, not far from their home,

The boy and his dog so started to roam. They picked out a path thought made by a deer, They followed it without any fear.

The dog picked up speed with the boy close behind, They were curious and anxious to see what they'd find. Sniffing the ground the dog surged right on track, The boy now excited, "Here's a dog with a knack."

The sunlight grew dimmer; it was harder to see, But the boy and his dog continued with glee. Past big gnarly branches and brush with no care, They came to a clearing, and there was a bear!

The moral is this: To all those who'll listen, No matter what the day, or how hope does glisten, When off for a walk, past trees, weeds, and log, Be careful and observant. Don't be led by a dog.