Being a Light - Author Unknown

In one corner of the world squatted a sullen, sulking, friendless darkness. Suddenly a tiny light appeared. It was very small but it was a light. Someone had put it there. It just stood there and sent out its rays. 

A passerby remarked to the light: "Don't you think you would be of more use somewhere else and not in this God-forsaken corner?" 

"Not really," said the little light. "I shine because I am a light. And because I shine, I am a light. I don't shine in order to be seen, but so that others could seen in the dark." 

When the gloomy darkness heard this, it gritted its teeth and full of furry, tried to put out the light. But the gigantic darkness was powerless againstthis tiny light that wanted to shine.

An old saying goes: "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness."